Alex + Lisa Proposal

One cold wintery night, as the wind was howling outside and our cups of tea were gently steaming, we received a phone call from far away New Zealand. Alex’s crackled over the airwaves and proceeded  to tell us that he wanted to propose to Lisa (thats his girlfriend) but he needed our help and it had to be done quickly. Why quickly? They are leaving the sleepy valley of Bondi to start a new life adventure in New Zealand!

So Ceri jumped into action and we organised a crack team to make sure the proposal went to plan. We hatched our scheme, Alex told Lisa that there had been whales sighted off the headland in Bondi. We roped in our friend Alana Lee, a beautiful and talented musician and singer to help make the proposal.

We lay waiting while Alex and Lisa walked with their eyes to the ocean looking out for whales. By complete coincidence there had actually been some sightings around Sydney that were all over the news that day.
As they arrived to the lookout point we realised that none of us had worked out a signal for when to start. Eeek!
Alex and Lisa were so close together and the wind was really picking up at that point,so none of us could hear if he was asking the big question or not. Alana suddenly appeared next to them singing Bruno Mars “Marry You” with her two backup singers. For a second it looked like neither Alex nor Lisa knew what was happening. Suddenly he dropped to one knee and popped the question.
Out of nowhere a group of 7 more random people ran up and started to sing and clap along to the song simply because it was happening there and then.

It was amazing.

We wish the two of them a beautiful start in New Zealand and cant wait to see them in 2015 for their wedding.

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