Bec + Tom {e-session}




When Bec & Tom contacted Sam about photographing their Rockabilly 50’s Wedding in the Hunter Valley, Ceri & Sam couldn’t help but think that having Bec & Tom’s e-session in a diner would be perfect. After hunting around, we came across Frankie’s Pizza on Hunter St in Sydney CBD.

The venue turned out to be even more perfect when we got to hear Tom & Bec tell us their love story.

Two years ago,  Tom was out with some friends at the Kent in Newcastle, when into the pub walked Bec & her friends. Tom’s world was shaken & he was determined to try and woo this gorgeous girl. He kept chatting away to Bec, who initially appeared ambivalent, until closing time hit and Bec hadn’t realised how much time had flown by. Not wanting the evening to end, Tom convinced Bec & her friend that there were drinks at his place, which was only “10 mins” walk away. After an hour & a half walk to Tom’s place, the conversation & laughter never lulled for a second and Bec & Tom knew that they had something special!

Nine months ago, they had a little bundle of joy enter their love story in the form of a super-cute little boy, who they called Frankie. Yup, you heard that right. Talk about serendipity.

Sam & I cannot wait to finally meet little Frankie face to face as he helps his parents celebrate their love for each other at their wedding on Friday.

In the meantime, here is a little bit of HAWTNESS from their e-session for you to enjoy!


Feel free to wish Bec & Tom well for their day or share some of your memories of their love story below.

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