For those that want to geek out a little on gear or just want to be happy in the knowledge that we use quality professional equipment for all the wedding photography we shoot.

Camera Gear:

Canon 5D mk II
Sandisk memory cards
Canon L Lenses 
Canon Speedlite flashes
Manfroto Tripod and mounts
Aperture light modifiers

Most of this will just be meaningless names for the majority of people and you don’t really need to know it either. All you need to know is that we use top quality, professional equipment and we have backups of everything.
We bring a backup camera, backup lenses, backup lighting and backup storage to each and every wedding.
After we shoot your wedding we immediately make a backup of all the images we have shot onto an external hard drive. This travels physically with us on the plane or car and not in a bag that could potentially get sent to the next flight to Madagascar.

When we get home a copy is made onto our RAID server and a 2nd Backup is made of that.
A 3rd offsite copy is made once a month so even if our office blows up or is attacked by Aliens; your photos are safe.
When we deliver your images, they are written on a high capacity Sandisk USB drive and uploaded to our cloud storage provider PASS for total data security. Even if your home is attacked by Aliens, you images are safe 😉