Do you shoot Digital or Film?
We shoot RAW Digital files at full resolution These are about 22Mb each. We give you the full resolution JPEG files on a USB drive to share with your friends and family.

Why can I have the RAW files? Arn’t these the originals?
RAW files are the RAW sensor image data from the camera. You need special software to view them and you can NOT view them on a TV/PC or in a DVD player.

What camera equipment  do you use?
We use Canon 5D MkII & MkIII cameras and a variety of prime and zoom lenses. You can see a more in depth list of our gear on the page “Equipment we use”

Do we get High Resolution Images?
Yes. We give you all your images on a USB drive to keep along with Facebook/Google Plus/Social network of choice size images to share. We also set up a online gallery for you to share with all your friends and family or whoever you want . You also have to option to protect it so that only those you give access to will be able to see them.

Do you travel?
Yes, we travel anywhere in the Australia. A quickly growing percentage of our weddings occur outside of Australia but we love going to new places anywhere in the world.

I want to book you for my wedding. What is the next step?
Contact us and we will double check that your date is available. If it is, we’ll schedule a phone consult, skype or in person meeting. After that all we need is a $700 retainer/deposit to book your wedding. Easy 🙂

What is your wedding deposit/retainer?
$700. We only accept 1 full wedding a day currently. The retainer of $700 allows us to turn away weddings on your wedding date.

I have this crazy idea, can you photograph it?
Yes! We LOVE to shoot the crazy and creative ones. We can help with creative visualisation and input too. Let us know your idea and we will make it work.

How early do I have to book a wedding photographer?
The earlier the better! Most weddings happen in the Summer months which is our busiest months. If you can, book one at least 6 months in advance. In saying that, some of the best weddings we have shot have been spur of the moment where the couple have asked us to shoot them 3 weeks before the date. Give us a call and we can see if we have the date for you.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yep. You can pay with cash, credit card, bank deposit or PayPal

I hate having my photo taken but I want some great pictures, can you help me?
We sure can! We will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. Our goal is to to make it feel like a friend was taking your photos. Thats one of the reasons we spend more time getting to know our couples before your wedding day than most other photographers.

How much equipment do you carry?
We have a large camera bag full of gear. Sometimes two depending on the style of shoot and the look you want. Its heavy but we are pretty strong.

Are you insured?
Yes, we have both equipment insurance and public liability.

How are my photos stored?
We immediately back up your photos offsite and onsite. By the time your wedding photos are processed they are in 3 secure locations.

How long until we see our photos?
We will deliver your photos within 90 days of your wedding day.

Why does it take so long to get them to us?
There is a LOT of work that goes into post processing your photos. In fact for a wedding that may last 10 hours, we can sometimes spend a further 20 hours working through them to pick out the best selection of the 3000 photos we take on the day. We then colour correct them, crop them for better composition and then get creative with Photoshop. At times we will even spend a few hours on a single image that was captured at 1/8000 second.

Do you photograph same-sex ceremonies, marriages and weddings?
Yes! We do! We are big supporters of the LGBT community.

I have a friend with a good camera who has offered to do it for $100. Isn’t that a great way for me to save money?
That all depends on how much value you have in the memories of the day. If you only want happy snaps then ask your friend 🙂
If you do want great photos that you will cherish as heirlooms then bare in mind that a good camera does not make a good picture. Wedding photography is a creative skill that takes years of work to master and constant dedication and research of the latest styles and techniques to get those shots that look beautifully natural and effortless.
Many a friendship has been put under strain or ruined by them not meeting your expectations.
This is one moment in your life that cant be redone and those memories will fade.
Even if your friend is pretty good with the camera, do they have backup equipment? Is it high quality that wont break on the day? Do they have backup systems and server in place to safeguard your investment?
Do you have a facebook page?
Yup. Head over to