Memory box

For the lovely Gavin & Louise, amazing friends and kung-fu / dance masters (after a few champagnes), we wanted to do something a little different to present their photos to them.
We decided to create a memory box of the day. A small token and keepsake of the day that they could look back on in years to come. Something with texture and substance. A box that not only captures a moment in time with our photos but also the air, water and earth of the day to preserve in a small wooden time capsule.

In this box, we placed 5 items, 1) some sand in a glass vial secretly collected from one of Darwin’s beaches that Louise photographs regularly, 2) some water in a glass vial also secretly collected at the marina from where their wedding boat left, 3) the 3rd glass vial we left empty to place a keepsake of their own (we have heard a rumour that it may be a mini scroll containing their vows), 4) an unbound album (several prints) of their day and 5) finally the only piece of modern technology, the key drive containing high resolution versions of their photos.

We loved creating this little treasure chest of memories that we know will be cherished for years to come.

Memory box dypt 2 Memory box-7 Memory box-5 Memory box-4 Memory box-3 Memory box Memory box-1