Would you like something a bit quirkier at your reception?

We can setup a photo-booth which automatically prints out photos as well as keeps digital files for you to blackmail the guests afterwards 😉 and a collection of props for your guests to have fun with. We have bizarre hats, top hats, moustaches monocles and many more things to make hilarious photos of your guests.


Photo booth prop box

Photo booth prop box

Photobooth fun Photobooth fun


ArtOf2 Wedding Photography - www.artof2photography.com

ArtOf2 Wedding Photography – www.artof2photography.com


We also have a polaroid camera to rent that prints out full size polaroid photos (big ones not the tiny one!)

This is a fantastic way for guests to have fun writing and selling a story themselves in your guest book or album.

Polaroid camera


Marryoke is a great way to share your day with friends and make a fun music video that shows off you and your friends personalities.