Here is a collection of a few tips to make your life easier and stress free


Sewing kit for emergencies

Bring a small sewing kit along. There is bound to be someone who will have a Janet Jackson (Wardrobe malfunction)

Unplug your guests

Your wedding day is about you guys. You want your friends and family to be in the moment  and to witness your love and friendship, not taking instagram pix and uploading to Facebook. Send out a reminder email and ask your celebrant to remind your guests to keep there phones and cameras switched off during the ceremony. It is why you hired us in the first place. We will capture the moment and make you look fantastic, and your photos wont have hundreds of mobile phones in the foreground 😉

Watch this video

Don’t be that guy from Love Genre Films on Vimeo.


Make time to enjoy each others company

Its about you two!!! Plan a quiet moment and have the celebrant announce it to everyone. Leave the friends, family, videographer and yes even the photographers behind for 5 minutes. Enjoy the first moments being together as a married couple. Kiss each other!!

Have fun

Forget the little mishaps and insignificant details.  There is no point in stressing over your dress getting tangled in leaves or dirt and if you embrace these mishaps they will be the moments that you remember fondly. They also make the best photographs.
Your day is an expression of yourselves but it is not all you will ever be. You are here to have fun and celebrate. Laugh, have a little champagne and most of all; show your love.